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Here is a breakdown of your benefits:
  1. 3/mo subscription to Tokyo Treats Box. 
  2. Streaming Anime - *Soon we will be providing you with online anime streaming shows. We will provide shows that are not commonly seen on other streaming platforms and we will also offer you an opportunity to watch anime live in our daily streaming anime showcase.* Please note that we are still in the process of getting licenses for streaming anime shows on our site. Since this is our main feature, if you purchase membership from us and the streaming services are still not active you will get extra months of service for free according to how many months you had membership and the streaming services were not active. EXAMPLE: you purchase membership in September but the streaming services are not active until November, you will receive 2 months of free membership.
  3. Member ID (with ID#) and our new mascot. *IDs will not be sent until September for new memberships because we are redesigning our mascot at this time, but you will receive a digital ID with our old mascot*
  4. Member Shirt with our new mascot - (Shirts are black and sizes are M, L, XL, or XXL) We will contact you via email and ask for your size and also give more options in sizes and colors for additional fees.
  5. Free Random official anime wallscroll or figure 3x a year. 
  6. Library Membership - You will have access to our library where you can borrow out 3 items at a time at no cost to you for shipping to you or return shipping. We provide a return bag with a label for you to return your items. *Please note that there are due dates and costs if there are damages to our items. You will need to read and sign our library agreement form.*
  7. Random official anime poster (size will vary)
  8. Free anime merch - Every other month we will give FREE anime merchandise to our members.
  9. Access our Streaming Anime Screenings - you will now have access to view our online streaming anime screenings when we have them.
  10. Access to our club chat room on discord
  11. Earn points each month automatically and by participating in our events, read the Points Guide for details.  *Points can be used to get a discount code to be used in our store. Discount amount can vary from 20% up to 100% off an item or order*
  12. Get free access to Japanese Lessons in our online school with verified and certified teachers. *Details to be added later - not all classes will be free.*
  13. $20 in Anime Cash each month - Anime Cash is another form of rewards in this club. It is equal to U.S. Dollar value when members go on trips with our group. *For example: If you have $200 in Anime Cash and you are taking a trip with our club members to a convention in *city/state*, and the total cost is $700.00, then you will only need to send $500 for your share and the club will pay the $200 you have in Anime Cash. *Anime Cash must be sent in first before discount can be applied to travel expense cost.*

The price for membership is $200.00 now.

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