This club was originally started in October 2003. The club only extended to close friends and certain cliques. However, it expanded to include anyone over the age of 13 years (with parents’ permission). This club would meet once a week to fundraise, watch new anime series, and do lots of things. Some of the member benefits were mainly that they got to see newly released anime series before they were released in stores and also, to check out items from the library. It contained over 100 DVDs and over 50 graphic novels. It has dwindled since then, but it is slowly picking up.


Many things have changed since 2003 and we are expanding over the internet as well as locally.  We are now licensed and meet at public locations such as the Merced County Public Library. We are also expanding our library and working on deals with local businesses for the promotion of their business through our club.

Our main focus is to help members expand their artistic abilities in various fields like Performance Art, Visual Arts, Music, Sculpture, Digital Media, and many more through the use of Japanese Animation (Anime). What many people don’t know is that Anime comes from Japanese Comics (Manga). A lot of various skills and talents are needed to create a manga and then more skills are needed to turn that manga into an anime.

Our members have the benefit of expanding their skills through the club by participating in the monthly newsletter, weekly projects, or a newly formed webcomic created by the members. Watching anime gives not only entertainment but also appreciation in art, music, voice acting, storytelling, and many more areas.


The headquarters changed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin because the founder moved there, however efforts to gather new members slowed down and the club went silent.


The founder decided to restart the club since there were some interested people in joining. The purpose of this club has remained the same. To let members talk about anime and share different experiences by going to various places to enjoy Japanese culture.

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