Rules and Regulations

1. Do not speak when others are speaking in a discussion or asking questions (rule is lenient to an extent

2. Always put your chairs away and throw out your trash after every meeting. Respect the library

3. Some people are not comfortable with being touched/hugged, so please check to see who is alright with it before you do it

4. When the animes are playing, there should be minimal talking. There will be plenty of time to talk after the anime

5. Try to keep conversations on-topic during anime/discussions. This is not a huge ordeal, however, it’s preferred to stay on-topic

6. Try to not bash other fandoms/anime/people. There needs to be respect. It’s alright if you dislike something, however, you do not need to insult it constantly, you can simply say that you dislike it

7. Participation in activities is not required, but you may actually have fun doing it; however, you won’t know until you try

8. Be respectful. This means please no negative comments, sit down when asked, no screaming, no running after being asked to sit, etc, etc. It really just means behave and respect everyone

9. If you have suggestions, make your thoughts known! The leaders want to know what you think and want to make your club experience the best they can. If you want to remain anonymous, please submit your comment in the email submission box under the Contact tab

10. Get to know each other and make new friends

11. Listen to the leaders

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