WTF, OMG, and Traumatizing moments related to anime or in anime.

i’m assuming we’ve all had those moments, where we were totally shocked in some way by anime. so here i’m sharing my OMG: surprisedOMG: confusedWTF!, and Traumatizing moments in anime or related to anime, If you want to share your moments in the comments, please use the tags above and share your moment.


  1. OMG: surprised – ok, so I remember my mom watching DBZ and one day I came in and looked at Goku and said, “hey that looks like the kid in that one cartoon (yes, i called it a cartoon, I didn’t know it was anime)”. and my mom was like, “yeah, that’s him, he’s grown up now”. yeah. i only watched a few episodes of Dragonball and then suddenly I’m watching him as a grown up. It was totally weird because anime characters don’t grow up. lol. And that’s why I started watching DBZ in first place because I liked the grown up Goku.
  2. WTF! – this moment came when I first got into anime as an adult. I was watching Gundam Wing on Toonami/Cartoon Network. And then comes the scene when Heero Yuy DIES. Yes, that shocked the hell out of me. Anime characters don’t DIE, but he DID. Well, technically he did. But the point is that he was killed off. That shook my world to the core. And yes, I know he was actually alive, but the scene made it look as if he died and they didn’t show him for a while after that.
  3. Traumatizing – I thought that Heero Yuy’s death was shocking, but it didn’t hit me the way Lelouch Died in Code Geass R2. That was the MOST traumatizing anime death I have ever witnessed in all of anime. Seriously. They KILLED OFF the MAIN CHARACTER. And it wasn’t just they killed him off, they made it so sad because his sister was crying for him. I couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t stay composed after that. I bawled my eyes out and I am not an emotional person.

okay, so that’s all i can remember at the moment. I will update and list some more as I remember them. I just remember these ones the most because they truly affected my life.

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