The Most Lit aka Epic Moments in Anime

I’m making this post because there are a lot of LIT moments in anime where your blood just pumps and you jump up and down in excitement because of that moment. There will be some spoilers in the comments so please beware. I’ve provided a code to block the spoilers if you don’t want to read them, but it may NOT work in the comments section.

If you are sharing in the comments, then please list the anime name, the episode (s) (if you remember or can look it up) then your LIT anime moment. Please use this tag: ([)su_spoiler title=”Name, Episode XX, Moment:” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]Content Goes Here[/su_spoiler(]) remove the parenthesis around the brackets.

  1. Naruto Shippuden, Episode XX, Moment:
    This isn’t the only lit moment for me in Naruto Shippuden, but I was super hyped when he finally turned Sage Mode
  2. Bleach, Episode 6X, Moment:
    When Ichigo came and saved Rukia and stopped the thingie from killing her. The music with that moment was super awesome. Another lit moment was when Ichigo used his Bankai.
  3. Demon Slayer, Episode XX, Moment:
    When Tanjiro used the fire breathing technique, the whole battle scene was lit, but the fire breathing technique was so lit.

okay, my mind went totally blank when I was writing this, but last night I could remember a LOT of my LIT moments in anime. I have to remember them again, when I do I will add them below. Please share your LIT moments in anime as well.

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