Tear Jerkers in anime. What are your moments?

So there have been some shocking, angry and irritating times while watching anime series. But I have witnessed some tear jerkers that moved me to using tissue to wipe my eyes. And i’m not talking about just sad moments. I’m talking about the moments where you HAD to have tissue to wipe your eyes. I used links so that they won’t show up in the thread unless you click them. so be warned.

If you share your tear jerkers, please include the anime name and then a link to an image, video or gif of the scene in question. Thanks!

WARNING – these links have spoilers in them, so don’t click if you don’t want to see it.

Code Geass: Season 2, Episode 24 Spoiler

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 364 Spoiler

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 133 Spoiler (It’s in English. I honestly wouldn’t have went with this one because I watched it subbed and it had more of an impact on me)

Naruto Shippuden, Episode XXX Spoiler

that’s all i can remember right now, they had the most impact on me and I was crying buckets. I know there are a few more, but it has been so long that I don’t remember what they are any more.

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