Unknown Manga

So apparently, I don’t remember what was in the library back in California. I actually only remember that I had three shelves of manga and I had a list that had some of them, but clearly I had more than I listed, unless I sold them before I left. Which doesn’t make sense because I clearly remember packing a full size box with manga. I totally should have taken a picture because now I think I’ve bought some series I already had in the library. *sigh* I went back to California a few years ago and went through the storage and I remember them as well, all in a box. But the amount in the box doesn’t add up to the ones on the list. There had to be more in the box. So I’m guessing there are some series I bought again by accident. Go figure. I should have taken a picture of them as well as my anime. Now i don’t know what is all in the library in California. I sent someone to take pictures for me but that will take a little while. So bare with me for a while as I wait for the pictures so I can add them to the library.

Rin Sanada

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