This series is currently ongoing and only is available up to volume 5 in English. Currently we have volumes 1-3 in our library. We could do a petition to Yen Press to pick it up again or we can find a scanlation group to publish it for us…which is kinda illegal…i think. But someone may have already picked it up anyway. But so far the Korean version is up to volume 8.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I read this manhwa. I was expecting something very different and instead I get a different plot than what I was expecting to read. I was thinking it was going to be a typical story and a part of it really is typical and I hope for a different path than what it is taking even though it is still very good. I hope you enjoy it too!


High schooler Ji-Hae is desperately in love with her classmate Seung-Hyu. She has done all she can think of to win his affection, but to no avail. When her latest scheme crosses the line, Seung-Hyu decides he’s had enough…and inadvertently pushes her down a staircase! Ji-Hae awakens in the world beyond, only to learn that it’s not her time to die. But why go back when the love of her life hates her to death? Touched by her passion, the keepers send Ji-Hae to her past life to mend the rift between her former self and Seung-Hyu. But can Ji-Hae keep up the act long enough to find Seung-Hyu and set things right?

Rin Sanada

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